Krystal International Vacation Clubs Reviews Water Activities in Cancún

Krystal International Vacation Clubs knows that Cancún is a beautiful place with sparkling waters and pristine beaches. Many people travel to Cancún, Mexico for this exact reason. In order to maximize the perfect waters, there are a variety of activities that tourists can check out. Checking out all the sea life that the Cancún water has to offer will be an unforgettable experience for all.

While in a tropical location, many people dream of being able to swim with the dolphins. These gentle and fun-loving creatures are perfect to both observe in the natural environment and to swim with. At Dolphinaris Cancún, tourists can experience both of these things. This attraction offers a variety of dolphin lagoons that are mirrored to be exactly like their natural habit. This allows the creatures to feel at home and at ease when interacting with humans. There are four different programs that guests can choose from that include a variety of amenities. Some packages include an interactive program with the dolphins, while others boast a dolphin “trainer-for-a-day” opportunity.

Another chance to explore the sealife that Mexico has to offer is to go on the Cozumel Snorkel Adventure. Krystal International Vacation Clubs says that this tour allows swimmers to view the beautiful reefs and marine life of the waters all year round. This package includes a guided snorkeling tour of the clear Caribbean waters and then a shopping trip that goes into downtown Cozumel. The tour is an all day excursion, lasting nine hours and provides a buffet lunch for all guests.